It is a well-known fact among lechoneros (pig roasters) in La Loma, the lechon capital of the Philippines, that the best pig to roast are the native black pigs of Marinduque. Because of the big demand for this native swine, the Marinduque State College (MSC) Torrijos Branch is propagating it to meet the Requirements of the roaster pig market in Metro Manila.

“The Philippines has four endemic species of wild pigs,” explains Dr. Arnolfo M. Monleon, campus director of the    Marinduque State College Torrijos. “These are the Visayan warty pig (Suscebifrons), the Philippine warty pig    (Susphilipenensis), Oliver warty pig (Susoliveri), and the Palawan bearded pig (Susanoenobarbus),” he continues.    “Marinduque is the center of (propagation) of Sus philippenensis, with a subspecies Sus marinduquensis. “Marinduque    has a swine population of 3,000 sows.”

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